Prominent Ears

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Distress and anxiety caused by the appearance of your ears can be helped with a simple procedure under local anaesthetic

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At Profile Aesthetic, we specialise in prominent ear correction procedures and have a team of skilled plastic surgeons who can help you achieve natural-looking results. We prioritise patient safety, utilise advanced surgical techniques, and offer personalised care throughout your journey. Our goal is to provide you with improved ear symmetry and a more balanced facial appearance - you'll be in safe hands.

Why Choose Otoplasty in Aberdeen?

Prominent ear correction, also known as otoplasty or pinnaplasty, is an ideal choice for individuals who are self-conscious about ears that protrude prominently from the head. This procedure can address concerns such as excessively large ears, ear asymmetry, or ear deformities. By reshaping and repositioning the ears, prominent ear correction can enhance facial harmony and boost self-confidence.

Prominent Ears

What the Procedure Involves

Prominent ear correction, is a surgical procedure that can improve the appearance of the ears. There are a number of terms used commonly to refer to this type of ear reshaping surgery, such as "ear pinning", pinnaplasty and otoplasty. Each of these terms generally refer to procedures that reshape the cartilage of the ear to reduce the degree to which the ears "stick out". The procedure can involve one or both ears, depending on your needs. There are two primary techniques for prominent ear correction: cartilage scoring and cartilage reshaping with sutures. Prominent ear correction is usually performed under local anaesthetic, and the procedure can take up to two hours, depending on the complexity of the case.

Cartilage Scoring & Reshaping

The cartilage scoring and reshaping technique involves making a small incision behind the ear and removing or scoring cartilage to reshape the ear.  This technique is suitable for mild to moderate ear protrusion and can usually be performed under local anaesthetic.

Fascial Flap and Suturing Technique

At Profile Aesthetic, we prefer to use the fascial flap and suturing technique for prominent ear correction. This technique involves making a small incision behind the ear and lifting the skin and fascia off the cartilage, preserving a fascial flap which helps to protect the permanent sutures that are subsequently placed. The fascia is a thin layer of tissue that covers the muscles and provides additional support to the ear. The surgeon then uses sutures to hold the ear in its new position.

The fascial flap and suturing technique provides more control over the shape of the ear and has less serious consequences in the event of complications. It is a very safe technique that is suitable for all types of ear protrusion or when the antehelical fold needs to be reshaped.

Am I a Good Candidate for Prominent Ear Correction?

If you're over 18 years old and unhappy with the appearance of your ears, you may be a good candidate for prominent ear correction. It's important to have realistic expectations about the results and to discuss your goals with your surgeon.

How Much Does Prominent Ear Correction Cost?

The cost of prominent ear correction in the UK can vary depending on the surgeon and the complexity of the procedure. At Profile Aesthetic, our prominent ear correction procedures start at £3500 (both ears).

Prominent Ears

The Benefits

Prominent ear correction offers several benefits, including improved ear symmetry, a more balanced facial appearance, and increased self-confidence. This procedure can help address concerns related to protruding or misshapen ears, allowing you to feel more comfortable and confident in various social and professional settings.

Personalised Treatment

During your consultation at Profile Aesthetic, our experienced plastic surgeons will evaluate your unique ear anatomy, discuss your concerns and goals, and recommend a personalised treatment plan. They will explain the specifics of the prominent ear correction procedure, including the posterior fascial flap and suturing technique, as well as the cartilage scoring technique, ensuring that the treatment plan aligns with your desired outcome.
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Your Safety is our Primary Concern

On the day

On the day of the procedure, you will arrive at our clinic, and our caring staff will guide you through the process. Your surgeon will confirm the details of the proposed treatment with you and together you will complete a consent form. Properative photographs will be taken for your records. The surgical team will perform the prominent ear correction surgery according to the personalised treatment plan, utilising the chosen technique. The procedure is typically performed under local anesthesia and sedation can be provided if necessary, to ensure your comfort throughout.

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After prominent ear correction, you may experience some swelling, bruising, and temporary discomfort in the ear area. Our team will provide you with detailed post-operative instructions, including the use of a headband or bandage to protect and support the ears. It's important to follow these instructions for a smooth recovery. Strenuous activities and contact sports should be avoided during the initial healing period.
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Expected Results

Following the recovery period, you can expect improved ear symmetry, a more balanced appearance, and ears that lie closer to the head. Prominent ear correction can provide natural-looking results, enhancing your facial harmony and boosting your self-confidence. The results of prominent ear correction are long-lasting, allowing you to enjoy the benefits for years to come, however occasionally the prominence can recur if sutures become loose or the ear is injured early in the recovery period. This is easily addressed with revisional surgery.


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