Profile Aesthetic and Motiva, Bringing JOY: The Benefits of Subfascial Breast Augmentation

Profile Aesthetic
Profile Aesthetic
August 14, 2023
5 min read

Are you considering a “boob job” and seeking natural results? Look no further than Profile Aesthetic, the premier plastic surgery and aesthetic clinic in Aberdeen, UK. We are proud to offer safe and effective cosmetic surgery, with all treatments provided by trained surgeons and nurses. Our focus on women's health means that natural breast augmentation results are of the utmost importance to us.

One of the advanced techniques we offer is subfascial breast augmentation. Subfascial breast augmentation is a cutting-edge approach to breast augmentation that places the implant under the fascia, a thin layer of tissue that covers the chest muscles. This technique offers several benefits over traditional submuscular or subglandular placement, including reduced risk of bottoming out or double bubble deformities, and decreased postoperative pain and recovery time. Not all plastic surgeons are able to offer this technique, but our highly skilled team has extensive experience and training in this area.

We partner with Motiva® and use their innovative ergonomix and ergonomix2 implants. These implants are designed to mimic the natural movements of breast tissue, resulting in a more realistic look and feel. The use of Motiva ergonomix2 implants is a key component of the JOY® programme, which is focused on providing women with the highest quality breast augmentation experience possible.

But we don't stop at natural results. We want to ensure that our patients are completely satisfied with their breast augmentation experience. That's why we are proud partners of the Motiva®JOY® programme, which provides an extended warranty on our breast augmentation surgeries. This programme not only gives you peace of mind, but it also demonstrates our commitment to providing safe and effective cosmetic surgery.

At Profile Aesthetic, we understand that women want to make informed choices about their bodies. That's why we offer extended warranties on all our breast augmentation procedures, giving our patients peace of mind and confidence in their decision.

Our commitment to women's health extends beyond Aberdeen, with our London location also providing premier breast augmentation services. Whether you're in Scotland or London, we're here to help you achieve the natural results you desire.

Choose Profile Aesthetic for your breast augmentation journey and experience the benefits of subfascial breast augmentation and Motiva® ergonomix implants. Your body and your health deserve the best, and we're here to deliver. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

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