Unveiling Emface Submentum: A New Era in Double Chin Treatment

Profile Aesthetic
Profile Aesthetic
March 12, 2024
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In the world of aesthetic enhancement and beauty, the introduction of innovative treatments is always a cause for excitement. Today, we're thrilled to shine a spotlight on a revolutionary breakthrough in the treatment of the double chin: Emface Submentum. This groundbreaking procedure is set to redefine the standards of non-invasive facial contouring, offering a beacon of hope for those seeking to address submental fullness without undergoing surgery. We are particularly excited to be the only clinic in Scotland to be offering Emface Submentum to complete our leading range of body contouring technologies: Emsculpt NEO, Emsculpt NEO Edge, Emface and Emsella.

For years, treatments like fat dissolving injections have been available to those looking to diminish the appearance of a double chin. However, despite its potential benefits, fat dissolving injections come with a set of drawbacks, including unpredictability, pain and swelling and uneven results, leading many experts, including ourselves at Profile Aesthetic, to seek better, more reliable solutions.

Enter Emface Submentum, a state-of-the-art treatment that combines Synchronised Radiofrequency and HIFES™ muscle stimulation to target and reduce fat cells under the chin while simultaneously enhancing jawline contour. This non-surgical approach promises natural and lasting results, making it an ideal choice for patients who are either not suitable for or are unwilling to undergo surgical interventions.

Summary of Treatment Options

Treatment Options for Double Chin

Feature Emface Submentum Fat Dissolving Injections Beautifill MyEllevate Surgical Neck Lift
Treatment Type Non-surgical Non-surgical Minimally invasive Minimally invasive Surgical
Technology Synchronised Radiofrequency and HIFES stimulation Deoxycholic acid injections Laser-assisted liposuction Suture system Cosmetic surgery
Benefits Reduces fat, enhances jawline, no surgery needed Reduces fat under chin Fat reduction and facial rejuvenation Enhances jawline and under-chin area Comprehensive neck rejuvenation
Results Natural, lasting Variable, can be uneven Natural-looking, long-term Immediate improvement Permanent, dramatic
Ideal For Non-surgical candidates, mild to moderate submental fullness Mild to moderate submental fullness Individuals seeking fat reduction and rejuvenation Those seeking enhanced jawline without extensive surgery Individuals with loose skin, excess fat, and muscle banding
Recovery Time Minimal A few days to weeks 4-6 weeks 2-4 weeks Several weeks
Popularity High, innovative option attracting attention Not available Rising, due to dual benefits Increasing, novel approach Steady, well-accepted for dramatic results

Beyond Fat dissolving injections: Embracing Advanced Alternatives

While fat dissolving injections promised to be a leap forward in non-surgical double chin treatment, its results and safety profile have not been predictable enough for it to be considered a suitable treatment at Profile Aesthetic. Emface Submentum sets a new benchmark by offering a more predictable, reliable and uniform outcome.  

Our clinic has always been at the forefront of adopting technologies that provide our patients with effective, safe, and comfortable treatment options. In that spirit, we've also embraced other advanced procedures, such as laser-assisted liposuction with Beautifill and the MyEllevate jawline contouring procedure, both of which offer remarkable results for those seeking more defined facial features.

Beautifill combines laser technology with liposuction to sculpt the jawline and eliminate unwanted fat, offering a two-fold benefit: fat reduction and skin tightening. MyEllevate is a groundbreaking, minimally invasive procedure designed to enhance the jawline and under-chin area without the need for extensive surgery. We usually combine both Beautifill and MyEllevate to deliver dramatic profile transformations.

The Role of Surgical Neck Lift

For individuals seeking comprehensive, long-lasting results, the surgical neck lift remains a staple in facial rejuvenation. This procedure can definitively address loose skin, excess fat, and muscle banding in the neck, offering a complete transformation. However, this type of surgery is not without risks and we understand that surgery is not for everyone. That's where the allure of Emface Submentum shines, bridging the gap between non-invasive treatments and surgical results.

Why We're Excited About Emface Submentum

Our excitement about Emface Submentum stems from its unique ability to offer a non-invasive solution that doesn't compromise on effectiveness. Ideal for patients concerned about the appearance of their neck and chin area – particularly in an age dominated by video calls and "Zoom face" – Emface Submentum represents a significant advancement in aesthetic treatment. It's not just about reducing fat; it's about sculpting and defining the chin and jawline to enhance one's natural beauty.

In conclusion, the arrival of Emface Submentum on the aesthetic market is a momentous occasion for both practitioners and patients. Its introduction complements our existing range of treatments, including laser-assisted liposuction using Beautifill, the MyEllevate jawline contouring procedure, and traditional surgical neck lifts, ensuring that we can offer personalised solutions to meet the unique needs and preferences of each patient. At Profile Aesthetic, we're not just excited about the future of double chin treatment – we're leading it. We are the only clinic in Scotland to offer this amazing technology.

Please get in touch for more information about our treatments and transform your profile, with Profile Aesthetic.

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